Anfkom International is a manufacturer of fiber optic products

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Who are we?

Anfkom is professional manufacturer of Structured Cable Products in china,our major products include Fiber Optic Products and Copper Products.

More than 10 years fiber export experiences,our products have be approved by big customers,and serve customers from all corners of the world,such as India, UAE, Germany, France, USA, Korea,Thailand,Italy,Spain,Poland,South Africa,Argentina,Russia etc

Our products are 100% visually and optically tested and are fully traceable through our ISO 9001:2000 certified quality system, also complied with Telcordia (Bellcore) GR-1221-CORE & GR-1209-CORE standards.

New Products


Traceable fiber patch cord offers quick and accurate method of identifying the termination point of optical patch cords. Each end of Tracer fiber patch cord features a flashing light allowing technicians to visually trace individual patch cords from one end to another without pulling or affecting the patch cord. We can provide special power sources which is easily attached to the Traceable fiber patch cord. This causes the LED on each end to begin flashing 30s and stay in lit. Fiber Patch Cord Traceable must be working with the power driving to identify the exactly cable.